About Sarah

thinHaving competed in Triathlon for a number of years, I found Yoga through injury. Triathlon is hard on the body and takes the body to its limits. Over time, Yoga addressed the imbalances that had developed in my body, and started to iron out the creases.

I had high hopes for Yoga and how it was going to fix my injuries and it did just that. But it also caught me off guard; what I didn’t expect from Yoga was the effect it had on my mental well-being. Working in a profession that is often considered stressful, yoga helped me feel calmer and more relaxed than I had in years. When we are stressed, we hold tension within our bodies; those knots in the neck and shoulders, tightness in the hips and headaches can all be released through the asanas (poses) and breath-work of yoga.

I had practiced yoga for almost 10 years before taking my teaching certificate. My qualification is Hatha Yoga, my style of teaching is Vinyasa Flow, a more fluid style of yoga. It’s suitable for all levels, will challenge you, yet relax you.