Private Tuition

My favourite style of tuition is 1-2-1 or very small groups. Every time you stand on your mat, you will feel different, your body will react differently to the poses and your mind will be in a different place. Yoga is about you, and this way it allows us to work on your own practice, targeting your own physical imbalances and addressing what you need from the session at that moment in time.

By keeping the groups small, it also means that we can tailor the practice to your needs and ability, ensuring that you are comfortable and enjoy your practice.

What to bring with you:
• Comfortable clothing that will allow you to bend, stretch and move freely. It doesn’t matter what you wear as long as it isn’t too loose and you are not going to expose more of your body than you are comfortable with.
• Bring warm clothes (socks, jumper etc) for final relaxation
What kit to bring
• Mat *
• Water
• Small Towel if you’re hands and feet get sweaty.

*For your first few classes I can lend you a mat

£40 60mins individual
£45 90mins individual
Groups: £20 per persons for up to 3 people