Yoga for all

Anyone and everyone is welcome to come to my class, experience isn’t necessary. I have a small studio in my garden where I can teach up to 3 people. I prefer to keep classes small so that I can spend more time with the individuals. You are welcome to gather a group of friends or contact me for further info.

A common misconception is that you have to be super bendy and flexible to practice yoga. Nothing could be further from the truth. Think of yoga as the ultimate form of exercise, you can work as hard or as gently as you like, it will all make a difference. Yoga is for everyone, from the young to the old, regardless of flexibility, size and fitness level.

Practicing yoga makes you more aware of your body, how you use it and how your breath functions. Understanding this allows you to alter the way you hold yourself, move and breathe. According to yoga philosophy, these changes will naturally change the way you use your mind.
The physical effects of yoga are endless, it works all the major body functions, such as muscular, skeletal, lymphatic, respiratory, circulatory and the digestive system.