Yoga for athletes

Every athlete should practice yoga, and with a regular practice you will see a difference in your strength, flexibility and your mental focus.
Go further. Improved breath awareness and efficiency means that you can maximise your endurance and aerobic capacity.

Go faster. Improved range of motion and greater strength through that range allows you move more efficiently.

Get stronger. Yoga will quickly reveal the limitations in your strength and flexibility and the muscular imbalances caused by repetitive movement. A regular practice will identify and correct those imbalances, whilst building strength and maximising your power, helping you stay light on your feet.
Athletes regularly push their bodies too far, and this overtraining causes imbalances, the number one reason for injury. It’s no secret athletes spend a lot of time and money battling injuries. Yoga will show you where your weaknesses are so that you can act before that niggle becomes an injury that ruins your season.

Yoga supplements an athlete’s training program in terms of flexibility, strength and mental focus. Unlike weight training which tend to isolate muscle groups, each poses engages the entire body, even the breath must be regulated.
Yoga isn’t just about the asanas, it is also about the breath. The breathing exercises I teach will help to boost mental focus, calm you before a race or match, and allow you to deal with those moments during the race (or match) when you are struggling.

Yoga can:
• Prevent injuries and reduce recovery times from injury
• Correct muscle imbalances and joint instability
• Develop concentration and focus whilst reducing performance nerves or anxiety
• Improve the quality and efficiency of the breath through performance breathing techniques
• Develop structural core stability
• Improve mobility, stability and balance
• Help the athlete to perform longer in their chosen field